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High quality discount kitchen cabinets and vanities are easy to find and buy.

discount kitchen cabinets

There are 4 main things to consider when remodeling your kitchen:

1. Style/Options.


3. Quality

4, Availibility

We at Denver-Cabinets.com have been in the building industry for over 20 years and have tried to take out the legwork in finding high quality, discount kitchen cabinets that are easily accessible.

Over the years, in our business we have tried many different types of discount kitchen cabinets – from custom to off the shelf at big box stores to RTA cabinets. We have found that the RTA cabinets are by far the least expensive, best looking, offer the most selection and are readily available. For us, that means we can stick to our budget, stick to our quality standards and hit our timeline with our projects.

All of the discount kitchen cabinets manufacturers that we recommend have solid wood boxes. There is no MDF on the boxes we recommend. The reason we do not like MDF is that it is not durable and the cams on assembly can be overtightened and mushroom the MDF. I know that IKEA sells a lot of very in expensive RTA cabinets, but most that I have seen are MDF boxes.  Plywood boxes are super durable and almost foolproof in assembly.

Next time you are in Home Depot or Lowes, check out the off the shelf cabinets construction. These are also made with MDF with a plastic veneer on the sides and with either veneer’d faces and wood frames. Also check out an MDF sink base a couple of years after install and life,. The base is usually blown out and needs to have a replacement panel placed in the bottom (due to moisture). With a real wood box, this will not happen. Also, with a wood box there is even staining and aging over the life of the cabinets. For the above reasons, we never recommend MDF- It looks cheap and is.

Choice is a major factor when choosing cabinets for your kitchen.

At denver-cabinets.com, we pass along the discounts we get from the companies we actually use. We do not offer coupon codes for products that we do not personally have experience with. The reason to offer you our reviews andpricing on discount kitchen cabinets and other products is to take some of the pain out of your remodel.

As we review and use different suppliers and manufacturers, we will let you know what we think. We also welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. We are trying to get our readers the best possible deal on quality discount kitchen cabinets they can get without having to go through all of the hassles we have had to go through.

To help you get the best possible deals on discount kitchen cabinets, denver-cabinets.com has put together a coupon page. when you are at that page, you can click on the supplier’s website, shop for cabinets and use the coupon code listed to get our pricing. This will save you at least 10% on your cabinets.

Usually, any discount kitchen cabinet order over $1500.00 offers free shipping and there is no tax on an internet order.

Another benefit we found buying discount kitchen cabinets online is that they deliver to your house or site. This is a great benefit because cabinets are heavy, bulky and can get damaged during transit from the store to you. When they are shipped, they are insured (although we have yet to have any damage to the cabinets).Aside from the discounts offered on the coupon page, we also have an opt-in page to get you an even greater deal on discount kitchen cabinets.


What are the differences between Aristocraft cabinets and RTA Cabinets?


On my latest rehab project, I had a partner that insisted we use his cabinet supplier: Aristokraft. After a bunch of debating over which would be better for our project we settled on the Aristokraft cabinets. Sure, they are nice looking and come prebuilt, but what made them better than RTA cabinets? NOTHING! I just got tired of arguing with my partner. The only redeeming feature is that they come prebuilt- everything else is an option. With RTA cabinets, there are no options. The RTA already have all the bells and whistles built in! And the RTA Cabinets come in at a much better price.

Our Vine St Kitchen

SO- As I stood in the kitchen, I started to think about the differences between the RTA Cabinets and the Aristokraft cabinets. Since there are a lot of differences, I want to lay out the variety of options between the two and reasons we should have gone with the RTA cabinets over the Aristokraft cabinets.

A little background on our rehab: The house is a brick turn of the century (1800) bungalow in downtown Denver. We gutted it to the studs and tore the top off.  WE opened up the main floor and fused the kitchen into the living area by tearing out most of the walls. For our finishes in the kitchen we used the Arist0kraft cabinets Saybrooke line with the saddle finish. The kitchen style is a galley with a penninsula and opens into the dining/living room. All the appliances are GE Profile stainless. Our pricepoint is in the low 400’s.

CONSTRUCTION: The Aristokraft cabinets come preassembled and have a ton of upgrades you can choose from. Each option has a different cost to it and can quickly take away from your bottom line or budget.  We chose the middle of the road options (Select grade construction). The select grade is 3/8″ thick furniture board wall construction with plywood dovetailed drawers. Furniture board wall construction is a fancy name for particle board. This is the type of cabinet construction you get from the off the shelf cabinets at Home Depot.The RTA Cabinets boxes (the types we recommend) are made out of plywood. THis means they are stronger, they will not swell,pucker or break down. The downside to RTA cabinets is that they require assmebly. Most RTA’s are super easy to assmble, but do take between 5-15 minutes to put together (and there is a learning curve). AristoKraft cabinets are prebuilt (EASY)/ RTA Cabinets are better constucted (QUALITY and not too hard to build).

FEATURES: Most RTA cabinets come with built in soft close drawers and doors.Soft close doors and drawers on Aristokraft Cabinets are an option and upcharge. Dove tail on drwaers is an upsell with Aristokraft. Most RTA cabinet choices are dovetailed as a part of the package.

PRICE: Depending on the options, Aristokraft cabinets can be reasonable or pricey. RTA cabinets are usually a lot less expensive due to the fact the options are built into the original pricing structure. I felt like I was getting nickle and dimed as we added more options.

QUALITY: Aristokraftindustry has an market place recognition or brand that really helps out in terms of sales for them; however, you have to pay to get the real quality they have to offer. RTA cabinets, at least the cabinets we reccomend, may not have the brandname reputation, but they do have the quality of construction and finish needed.

DELIVERY: RTA cabinets are delivered to your job free of charge if your order is over $1500.00. Aristokraft has a delivery charge and it will depend on your relationship with your distributor.

BOTTOM LINE: The reason we did not use RTA cabinets on this job was not because of quality, features, or price. We used aristokraft cabinets on our rehab because of my partner’s great dislike for assembly and his comfort with using a product he was familiar with. We actually would have saved a lot of money using the RTA Cabinets because of all of the add-ons we accumulated after my partner’s decision to choose Aristokraft cabinets. I feel the quality of the RTA’s is much greater that those of the Aristokraft duer to the construction of the all wood box. Aristokraft is particle board unless you upgrade to the much more expensive all plywood option.Don’t get me wrong, the Aristokraft cabinets look great when they are installed. It is what you don’t see that matters as much as what you do see in my world.  Anyhow. I will be using RTA cabinets on the next remodel no matter what due to the differences in price, quality, built-in features and the fact they deliver it to my job for free.


Cabinet Discounters- why pay more

All over the internet, there are cabinet discounters. Here at Denver-Cabinets.com we try to review cabinet discounters and find you the best deals and service around.

After we have found the best deal, service and availability we post the review on  our site and either give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. If the cabinet discounters a good provider for our review criteria, we will let you know and get you our dealer discount (if we have one) If we do not have a dealer discount, we will let you know what we think of them as well.

Always check our coupon codes to see what cabinet discounters have coupons available.

Cabinet Discounters RTA Cabinets

Cabinet Discounters RTA Cabinets

When we review cabinet discounters from the internet, we look for RTA Cabinets only. RTA cabinets are ready to assemble cabinets. These cabinets are great looking. easy to assemble, easy to ship without incurring damage, and low cost.

The RTA cabinets we recommend are constructed from all wood and not MDF or melamine. The cabinet discounters that sell the MDF style of cabinet are not going to be referred here. THis is because a MDF box is not as durable, does not hold up to water and can be damaged during the construction of the box buy overtightening the cams. An all wood box is a much more durable cabinet and is more forgiving if the initial fit is not right. With MDF you get one shot and if it is not right, the material breaks apart.

Most cabinet discounters will offer a thermofoil/MDF line as well as their all higher end lines of RTA Cabinets. We only recommend you use the all plywood box lines they offer. The frames on the cabinets are also wood and are durable.

One of the most important things to have done when ordering from Cabinet discounters is your layout. This may seem difficult, but it really is not (you can refer to the how to layout your kitchen on the page Design). This needs to be accurate so when the cabinets arrive, your kitchen is ready to go in. I always order a few extra filler strips (3′-6″) because they are cheap insurance on the instal and they can be ripped to fill any gaps or mis-measurements you may have. You do not need to go overboard, but they do help out.

Most cabinet discounters also supply free shipping on their orders if the RTA Cabinet order is over a certain amount. This is usually between $1500.00- $2500.00. Which is not a hard threshold to hit when you are remodeling an entire kitchen. The shipping is almost always delivered to either you door or job-site. You should verify this with the cabinet discounters because they sometimes use shipping companies that only deliver to places with a loading dock ( the trucks sometimes do not have a lift gate).

Once you have ordered your cabinets, you should expect delivery within 7-10 working days.  I always check with the cabinet discounters verbally when the cabinets will be delivered and get a tracking number.

I also check on the availability of all of the cabinets in my order. This is especially true if you are buying closeouts on a certain style from the cabinet discounters. I have personally run into a supply problem after the fact when I ordered a kitchen online and found out after the fact that they were backordered on a cabinet. This may not sound like much, but it is huge! One cabinet missing from your layout will look like a smile without a front tooth.

If you follow the above guide to cabinet Discounters you should be fine when buying RTA cabinets.



How to build Kitchen Cabinets- WHY?

Do you really want to know how to build kitchen cabinets?


This  is my first question to you.

Learning how to build kitchen cabinets or any cabinet is not overly hard. If you have the right tools and time, you can definitely build them. But with all of the different  options available and quality RTA cabinets that are available why would you waste your time?

I understand the joy in building something and the pride that is taken in that. However, most of us are on either a tight budget, a tight schedule or both. Learning how to build kitchen cabinets will not help you with either your budget or you schedule. If you have a tight time line or are on a budget, just research a few of the RTA cabinets that are out there and go that route. Save the “How to Build Kitchen Cabinets” for the garage organization project. You will thank me later. Anyhow….

Learning how to build kitchen cabinets is not cheaper than buying an RTA cabinet. Before you do anything when you are getting ready to build your cabinets, you will need to have a plan and a design. This design will be based on the measurements taken where you want your cabinets placed and the functionality of your design. You will want to measure using a metric tape measure when putting your design together. It is much easier to change dimensions based on tens rather than fractions  (i.e. 9 5/8- 16 7/32=???). This will save you a ton of time and will make your cabinets a lot more accurate too. Having square  and plumb boxes is the key to your kitchen. Without this, you will have a bear of a time installing and they may look pretty amateurish (gaps).


how to build kitchen cabinets

how to build kitchen cabinets

The list of tools needed when you learn how to build kitchen cabinets is pretty large was well. You will need a good table saw or panel saw, metric tape measure, square (not a cheap one), a router, jigsaw, pocket hole jig (kreg is what I use) Clamps, clamps, clamps and more clamps, glues, a good solid work bench, lots of space, great lighting. Miter saw, coping saw. If you have all of these- great. If you do not- go to your local woodworking store to fill in the blanks because this list is in no way exhaustive. Learning how to build kitchen cabinets is super expensive even before you begin to build. This is why I reccommend using RTA cabinets. instead of learning how to build kitchen cabinets.

At this point, if you are still considering how to build kitchen cabinets then you need to start building the box. Building the box square is the most important part of the kitchen cabinet. Without  a square box, for kitchen will not install and will look like junk. One way to ensure your boxes will be square is by measuring your cut panels diagonally (from corner to corner). If each mated panel measures the same from each corner and the measurements on your layout are the same, you can begin assembly. DO NOT go forward if this not the case.

If you have come this far, then you may be ready for assembly. I like to construct my cabinet boxes with a dado and my faces with and a pocket hole jig (kreg). This type of joint make a super strong connection  between panels. It is also the easiest way to assemble the box and face. If you are learning how to build kitchen cabinets and want to make frameless faces then this basic post is definitely not for you. These are much more difficult to build.

After reading through this post, you may decide to do a lot more research on how to build kitchen cabinets because this is much more of primer than a manual. Since I am a house rehabber and have worked in the industry for years, I highly recommend  the much quicker  and cheaper alternative of RTA Cabinets.

The RTA cabinets the we recommend are high quality, easy to assemble, durable-all wood box (not MDF), and look great. They will last for years and are also easy to install. At Denver-cabinets.com , we also pass along our discounts through a coupon code on our coupon page of the website (discount kitchen cabinets),

Unless you are hell bent on learning a new trade- Why learn how to build kitchen cabinets when you can buy RTA cabinets through us for a lot less without any of the hassle?