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How to build Kitchen Cabinets- WHY?

Do you really want to know how to build kitchen cabinets?


This  is my first question to you.

Learning how to build kitchen cabinets or any cabinet is not overly hard. If you have the right tools and time, you can definitely build them. But with all of the different  options available and quality RTA cabinets that are available why would you waste your time?

I understand the joy in building something and the pride that is taken in that. However, most of us are on either a tight budget, a tight schedule or both. Learning how to build kitchen cabinets will not help you with either your budget or you schedule. If you have a tight time line or are on a budget, just research a few of the RTA cabinets that are out there and go that route. Save the “How to Build Kitchen Cabinets” for the garage organization project. You will thank me later. Anyhow….

Learning how to build kitchen cabinets is not cheaper than buying an RTA cabinet. Before you do anything when you are getting ready to build your cabinets, you will need to have a plan and a design. This design will be based on the measurements taken where you want your cabinets placed and the functionality of your design. You will want to measure using a metric tape measure when putting your design together. It is much easier to change dimensions based on tens rather than fractions  (i.e. 9 5/8- 16 7/32=???). This will save you a ton of time and will make your cabinets a lot more accurate too. Having square  and plumb boxes is the key to your kitchen. Without this, you will have a bear of a time installing and they may look pretty amateurish (gaps).


how to build kitchen cabinets

how to build kitchen cabinets

The list of tools needed when you learn how to build kitchen cabinets is pretty large was well. You will need a good table saw or panel saw, metric tape measure, square (not a cheap one), a router, jigsaw, pocket hole jig (kreg is what I use) Clamps, clamps, clamps and more clamps, glues, a good solid work bench, lots of space, great lighting. Miter saw, coping saw. If you have all of these- great. If you do not- go to your local woodworking store to fill in the blanks because this list is in no way exhaustive. Learning how to build kitchen cabinets is super expensive even before you begin to build. This is why I reccommend using RTA cabinets. instead of learning how to build kitchen cabinets.

At this point, if you are still considering how to build kitchen cabinets then you need to start building the box. Building the box square is the most important part of the kitchen cabinet. Without  a square box, for kitchen will not install and will look like junk. One way to ensure your boxes will be square is by measuring your cut panels diagonally (from corner to corner). If each mated panel measures the same from each corner and the measurements on your layout are the same, you can begin assembly. DO NOT go forward if this not the case.

If you have come this far, then you may be ready for assembly. I like to construct my cabinet boxes with a dado and my faces with and a pocket hole jig (kreg). This type of joint make a super strong connection  between panels. It is also the easiest way to assemble the box and face. If you are learning how to build kitchen cabinets and want to make frameless faces then this basic post is definitely not for you. These are much more difficult to build.

After reading through this post, you may decide to do a lot more research on how to build kitchen cabinets because this is much more of primer than a manual. Since I am a house rehabber and have worked in the industry for years, I highly recommend  the much quicker  and cheaper alternative of RTA Cabinets.

The RTA cabinets the we recommend are high quality, easy to assemble, durable-all wood box (not MDF), and look great. They will last for years and are also easy to install. At Denver-cabinets.com , we also pass along our discounts through a coupon code on our coupon page of the website (discount kitchen cabinets),

Unless you are hell bent on learning a new trade- Why learn how to build kitchen cabinets when you can buy RTA cabinets through us for a lot less without any of the hassle?


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